What is the best way to match my Speakers/Subwoofer to an Amplifier ?

  My speakers are 300 watts “MAX” and 90 watts “Rated Power” what size amp     
    do I need to drive them to achieve the best performance.  

 . When you are choosing an amplifier to drive speakers or a Subwoofer you should  
    use the “RMS” per channel ratings(Amplifier) and the “Rated Power”

   (Speaker/Subwoofer) as the reference for your choice. Always define which
    ratings you are comparing and try and get them as close as you can.                                                                                                     


    “Max/Peak” Power Rating
    The “MAX/PEAK” power rating of a speaker is the amount of power
    that the speaker can handle in short bursts or peaks without causing
    permanent damage to the voice coil.If this rating is exceeded constantly
    you will risk burning the voice coil.
     “Rated Power” Power Rating  
     The “Rated Power” rating of the speaker is generally considered to be the
     nominal constant power that the speaker will handle continuously
     without causing damage.
     Therefore if your speakers are rated at 90 watts (Rated Power) you should drive   
     them with an amplifier that is capable of supplying 90 watts RMS per
     Channel or as close to that as possible. That is not to say that an amp
     capable of a higher output cannot be used if the amplifier settings are
     managed responsibly realising the potential to overdrive your speakers
     exists. This rule also applies to using an amplifier that is under driving
     your speakers. Constantly driving a distorted signal from an overdriven  
     Source to your speakers can cause damage to the voice coils

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