Can I connect my smartphone to multiple stereos using Bluetooth?

It is possible to connect to several Bluetooth stereos simultaneously, however you will only be able to stream music (A2DP) to one at a time. Control and display of song information (AVRCP) will display on multiple head units, even though music will come from a single device. You will be able to select the stereo you are connected to from your smartphone (use the box/triangle symbol on iPhone).
This is useful if you have another device that you can control Bluetooth from, eg: a BT enabled watch. In this scenario, you can control the playback from your watch, whilst streaming music from a smartphone.
Other notes:
- Volume control may be controlled from your Bluetooth smartphone. When you switch between Bluetooth devices you need to be careful with volume matching.
- When you change audio source on FUSION 700 Series or MS-RA205 stereos, the FUSION Bluetooth module remains powered on and connected to your smartphone (even though the music is paused). Music playback will automatically resume when you switch back to the Bluetooth source.
Note: On some smartphones it may not be obvious you remain connected to the FUSION stereo and may cause confusion if you are trying to connect to another head unit

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