General Amplifier installation guide

Before any wiring and installation is performed, FUSION recommends you first plan the complete installation. Look at wiring routing, amplifier location and fitment. Please re-check the installation at completion

Appropriate mounting is very important for prolonged life expectancy of any amplifier. Select a location that allows enough space so sufficient airflow is maintainable and a location that provides protection from moisture. Keep in mind that an amplifier should never be mounted upside down. Upside down mounting will compromise heat dissipation through the heatsink and could engage the thermal protection circuit.
Excessive heat will shorten your amplifiers life. To maximise heat dissipation, be sure to leave at least 2.5 inches of clearance around the amplifier. If space is of the essence and the amplifier must be mounted in an enclosed or restricted area, a small 3 inch fan should be used in correspondence with a duct so the heat can flow past the heat sink.

WARNING: Do not mount any amplifier on a subwoofer enclosure as extended exposure to vibration may cause malfunction of the amplifier

1: Ensure the vehicle 12 volt lead is removed from the battery before any equipment is connected
2: Investigate the vehicles gas tanks, brake lines and electrical wiring locations before you begin installation
3: Attach the product securely to the vehicle to prevent damage in the event of an accident
4: Ensure all wiring is protected to avoid damage or pinching of the cables

Make sure before any connection is made to the amplifier or source unit, ensure that you turn the audio system off. Failure to do so could result in either the stock system or your new FUSION product being damaged. FUSION will not warranty damaged amplifiers due to incorrect installation.
When wiring  FUSION amplifiers, ensure that the wires are away from sharp objects and that rubber grommets and insulated bungs are used when wiring through door jams and any other steel panels.

Note: Ensure the audio system is off during the installation of FUSION product. Once the installation is complete FUSION recommends that you turn the volume of the source unit up slowly so not to damage the speakers. Please recheck the complete installation prior to turning the audio system on.

Always ensure that the ground connection point is a clean bare metal connection and it is a good idea to apply silicone over the bolt and connection to prevent rust forming. If the amplifier is powered on without an Earth connection or a poor connection this will cause damage to the amplifier and / or head unit as it will try to find an earth via the least path of resistance which could be through the RCA connectors back to the Head Unit . This will burn the Earth track on the Head Unit or it may go through the chassis of the Amp to the floor of the car. This is traceable by a technician to verify the cause of the damage.

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