What Is NMEA 2000?

NMEA 2000 is a set of marine electronics standards enabling a Multi-Talk/Multi-Listen network. This means, there can be different manufacturer's devices on a vessel sending and receiving data simultaneously.

This is an open network based on Controller Area Network. The network controls electronics, electrical, and engine data all on the same network. One advantage for NMEA 2000 is data and power can both be carried on one cable.

The data is transferred at 250 kilobytes a second which is fifty times faster than it is with NMEA 0183. NMEA 2000 incorporates standard connectors and cables for use among all manufacturers adhering to this standard. This makes NMEA 2000 a "Plug and Play" system with a real time data stream.

For more information on NMEA 2000, visit NMEA's website at www.nmea.org.

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