FUSION Bluetooth modules

The FUSION MS-BT100 and MS-BT200 external Bluetooth modules are designed to provide Bluetooth audio streaming from a compatible smartphone or media player directly to your FUSION marine stereo. The MS-BT100 is connected to the AUX connector of your stereo. The MS-BT200 is connected to the Satellite Radio connector of your stereo.
Note: The MS-BT200 cannot be operated simultaneously with a Satellite Radio receiver. For installations where the Satellite Radio socket is not available the FUSION MS-BT100 audio only Bluetooth module is recommended.
The MS-BT200 supports control (Play/Pause/Next/Back) of the media device from the FUSION Stereo. Song information such as song title, artist name and duration are displayed, depending on the capability of your phone and music application.
FUSION Bluetooth modules do not provide phone call control. Hands free operation of the phone is not supported from the FUSION stereo.

The below video will guide you through everything you need to know about FUSION's bluetooth connectivity

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