My iPod/iPhone will not connect to the head unit while in the dock ‘No iPod connected’

If  your Head unit displays ‘No iPod connected’ while in iPod source the first thing to do is check you are using the correct sleeve combination. If you  have  the incorrect sleeve combination this could prevent the iPod  connector from mating correctly,   it could also damage the connector in the dock or your iPod/iPhone.

If you are uncertain which iPod model you have to ensure you have the correct sleeve combination, go to and get the correct model information of your iPod.

Once you know for certain you have the correct sleeve combination and if you are still having a connection issue, the next step is to ensure you have the latest version of Operating Software installed in your iPod/iPhone and the latest iTunes version. You can check this by connecting your iPod/iPhone to iTunes and it will check and/or prompt you to download the latest version.

Once you have confirmed that you have the latest versions or updated your iPod/iPhone, if the issue persists you should reset the iPod /iPhone ( see the user manual for your Apple product)  and also reset the Head unit (Fusion User manual). If you continue to get the ‘No iPod Connected’ message  you should contact  your Fusion dealer or contact Fusion via the Tech email.

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