What is FUSION Multi-Zone™ Technology ?

FUSION’s Marine Multi-Zone™ technology allows you to create a truly customised audio solution, purpose built for your vessel.

At FUSION Electronics we understand not all boats are created equal, and more importantly, we understand not all ‘boaties’ are created equal. Revolutionary Marine Zone Technology, enables you to create a customised audio solution, tailored to your vessel.

Creating multiple independent audio ‘Zones’, provides an entertainment solution that everyone on board can enjoy - party with loud music on the fly bridge while the girls relax below with quieter music in the saloon.
Control the audio settings for all Zones through the Marine Stereo, or alternatively customise the audio system by installing a Wired Remote Control in each zone of the vessel.

You may require an additional amplifier to utilize the line out zone dependant on the number of zones you need. Fusions MS-AM702 is designed specifically for a single zone and is a

D class amp so is perfect for Marine vessels .

The Below Video explains everything you need to know about FUSION's Multi-Zone™ Technology


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